The Thornton Group is constantly seeking motivated, hard working members. If you are interested in working in the Thornton Group please send an email to: thornton (at) atmos (dot) washington (dot) edu, or if you are on the UW-Seattle campus stop by ATG 506.

Interested prospective graduate students are encouraged to browse our website detailing our research interests to better understand our  current research priorities and to email Joel before their applications are due to UW to inquire about current openings, funding, and potential research projects. Current graduate students in the group have undergraduate degrees spanning a wide range from Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Earth Science to Meteorology. Any experience in a laboratory setting is desirable. More information about the department, in general, can be found here:

Our contact information is:

Joel Thornton
Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences
408 ATG Building
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

Phone/fax: 206-543-4010