PhD Students

Jessica D. Haskins, PhD (2020) Postdoctoral Fellow , MIT Civil & Environmental Engineering Department.

Emma D’Ambro, PhD (2018), Research Associate, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Felipe Lopez-Hilfiker, PhD (2015), Scientist, Tofwerk AG, Thun Switzerland.

Beth Friedman, PhD (2014), Air Monitoring Specialist, Washington State Dept. of Ecology

Theran Riedel, PhD (2013), Postdoctoral Scholar, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Reddy Yatavelli, PhD (2011), Air Pollution Specialist, California Air Research Board

Glenn Wolfe, PhD (2010), Research Assistant Professor, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center & University of Maryland Baltimore County

Master Students

Megan McKeown (2018)

Julia Greenwald, MS (2018)

Lexie Goldberger, MS (2017)

Sara (Harrold) Conley, MS (2012), Engineer,  Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Julia Wargo, MS (2011)

Postdoctoral fellows

Yue Zhao (2016-2017), Assistant Professor, School of Environmental Science & Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Siegfried Schobesberger (2015-2017), Assistant Professor, Aerosol Physics Research Group, University of Eastern Finland

Cassandra Gaston (2013-2015), Assistant Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Miami

Claudia Mohr (2012-2014), Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry, Stockholm University

Timothy Bertram (2007-2009), Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Univ. Wisconsin-Madison

Jim Kercher (2007-2009), Assistant Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry, Hiram College

Faye McNeill (2005-2007), Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Columbia University

Undergraduate Students

Matson Pothier (2015-2017), Graduate student, Department of Chemistry, Colorado State University

Martin Griesse-Nascimento (2014-2015), Environmental Engineer, KTA Associates Inc.

Lauren Whybrew (2012-2015), Engineer I, Olympic Regional Clean Air Agency

Kenten Danas (2010-2013), Data Project Manager, The Forest Trust

Felipe Lopez-Hilfiker (2007-2010)

Kevin Constantine (2007-2009)

updated February 2017