Washington Aerosol Module

Download the most recent Washington Aerosol Module here (13 Aug 2018)

Update #1 (Oct. 2017): WAM

Original post (Jan. 2017): WAM

WAM is an extension of F0AM. The chemistry scheme utilizes the Master Chemical Mechanism. We have added a Raoult’s law-based gas/particle partitioning scheme that allows for the formation and dynamic growth of aerosol, as well as a customized isoprene mechanism, both of which are described in D’Ambro et al., ES&T 2017, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.7b00460. If the gas/particle partitioning aerosol module is not desired, or other precursors besides isoprene are desired, the original F0AM code should be downloaded here.


FIGAERO desorption model

Find the model described in Schobesberger et al., ACP 2018, here.