SOAS Centerville 2013

While part of our group and our instrumentation was flying aboard the NOAA WP-3D aircraft in the Southeastern U.S. during SENEX, we simultaneously deployed a HR-ToF-CIMS at the ground site in Centerville, Alabama, as part of the Southern Oxidant and Aerosol Study (SOAS). Similar and complementary to the aircraft measurements, the six-week ground-based field campaign during the summer of 2013 focused on the study of biosphere-atmosphere and biogenic‐anthropogenic interactions to address the question of the cooling trend in this region.

SOAS ground site in Centerville, Alabama
A thunderstorm is bulding up

We investigated chemical compounds in both the gas and particle phases with our newly developed FIGAERO (Filter Inlet for Gases and Aerosols, Lopez-Hilfiker et al.). Close to six weeks of continuous data with a time resolution of ~2 hrs of both gas and particle phase components will give us new insights into oxidation processes of biogenic and anthropogenic volatile organic compounds and subsequent particle formation.