JPAC Chamber 2012

The HR-ToF-CIMS was deployed as part of an effort to investigate the oxidation of alpha-pinene and subsequent SOA formation at the Forschungszentrum Jülich Plant Atmosphere Chamber (Jülich, Germany) in Oct.-Nov. of 2012. The chemistry was probed over a wide range of conditions (light, NOx, O3, particles…) while monitoring with numerous instruments including two HR-ToF-CIMS (Iodide-adduct, Nitrate-adduct), HR-ToF-AMS and PTR-ToF-MS. The FIGAERO inlet [Lopez-Hilfiker et al., 2013, submitted to AMT] to measure the chemical composition of both the particle and gas-phases was first employed during these experiments.

Chamber at JPAC
Felipe and Mikael hard at work
Beautiful bike ride to work!

Papers published:

Ehn M. et al., (2013), A large source of low-volatility secondary organic aerosol, Nature, 506, doi.10.1038/nature13032.