Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow
Earth Sciences Department

Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain


About me: Climate dynamicist by day, aerial circus artist by night, sometimes I get to combine the two.... Climate on Air: What is Climate? is a video I created, together with Megan McKeown, explaining the concept of climate through aerial circus. This video was created for the Alan Alda Flame Challenge, a competition judged by the audience: 11 year olds!

Research: My research interests are driven by my attraction to the beauty and elegance of large-scale climate dynamics, combined with my belief in the importance of regional-scale weather events. I have a strong interest in atmospheric dynamics, particularly atmospheric waves. Interestingly, since I have started working in large-scale atmospheric dynamics, there seems to have been a renaissance in Rossby wave dynamics , making this an exciting field to be part of. I play with climate models, conducting sensitivity experiments to test theories on how parts of the Earth system interact with the weather and climate.

Current research projects include: Rossby waves and extreme weather events: how Rossby wave refraction in waveguides may influence the probability of extreme weather; connecting weather and climate through weather regimes; the impacts of mountains on atmospheric circulation and variability, including SSWs and weather regimes; the influence of deforestation on tropical weather and climate; variability of the hydrological cycle; the influence of Earth's topography on atmosphere-ocean coupling and ocean circulation

I believe open access brings benefits to all scientists; as such I am working to put all my analysis code on github with public access - see my github account.

Other interests:
When I'm not busy rearranging mountains or rainforests in climate models, I'm usually off hiking in the Pacific Northwest, helping keep hikers safe with King County Search and Rescue, flying around in the air with double trapeze, or flying trapeze, or keeping a foot in the world of Ballroom and Latin Dancesport.

I love to give public outreach talks on weather, climate, and climate change through Cascadia Climate Action; see my outreach page for any upcoming events. I'm currently collaborating with on producing videos combining aerial circus with climate outreach - challenging myself to explain climate concepts simply, while up in the air!

Affiliations:Barcelona Supercomputing Center, University of Washington.