Atmospheric Sciences 321 – Science of Climate


Spring 2015


Instructor:                                        Professor Dennis L. Hartmann

                                                                           Office 710 ATG,  543-7460, dhartm@washington.edu

                                                                           Office Hours: 10:30-11:30 M-Fr, after class, or by appointment


Class Schedule:                     Class meets M-W-F in room 610 Atmospheric Sciences/Geophysics

                                                                           from 11:30-12:20

Web Page:                                      www.atmos.washington.edu/~dennis/321

Email:                                                     dhartm@washington.edu



Goals of the course:  To gain a scientific understanding of Earth’s climate, particularly its physical aspects, and understand why the climate is changing.  A working knowledge of calculus and physical sciences will be assumed.  This is a course for science majors.


Textbook:  The required text book is Global Physical Climatology by D.L. Hartmann, Academic Press, 1994.  It should be available for sale in the University Bookstore, and at Amazon in paper or electronic form.  We will use this as a basis, and do problems from it. Actually, get yourself a big binder instead and we will use the new version, which I will provide as pdf files.


Course Requirements and Grading:  Bring a notebook and pencil to class.  I will be writing on the whiteboard and expect you to take good notes.  Ask questions to slow me down.  Homeworks will be assigned on a weekly basis.  Check the “Assignments” page on the class web page to find your assignments for each week (www.atmos.washington.edu/~dennis/321).  You are responsible for these, and they are due on Wednesdays.  Late homework will not be accepted without a pretty good reason.  You are encouraged to work together on your homeworks if you wish, but make sure you understand what you write down.  Pop-quizzes will be given at random times without prior notice, about every 2 weeks.  In these you will be given a question related to the subject matter to write about or a problem to solve, and about 5 minutes to do it.  Please bring loose-leaf paper, a pencil, and a scientific calculator to every class.  There will be a mid-term test and a final examination. Tests will include both problem solving and short answer/essay style questions.  If you have a good reason why you cannot take an examination on the date specified, please inform the instructor well in advance of the date. (No makeup exams will be given except in case of serious illness or death in the family.  You must be excused in advance, by telephone or email, if necessary.)  Participation in class discussions, and raising good questions during lecture are strongly encouraged. Grades will be determined from the following formula:


Homework/Participation            25%

Bi-weekly 5-minute quiz            20%

Midterm                                       20%

Final                                            35%