David S. Battisti
Curriculum Vitae
Current Research

Current Research (co PIs and funding agencies noted)

Hyroclimate of Antarctica (w/ Cecilia Bitz and Dargan Frierson, NSF $421,132)

Growth of the Tibetan Plateau and Eastern Asia Climate: Clues to Understanding the Hydrological Cycle; NSF $690,422)

The Dynamics of Mountains, Landscapes and Climate in the Distribution and Generation of Biodiversity of the Amazon/Andean Forest (w/ Paul Baker, Duke, and others; NSF $4,430,000)

Dynamical Climate Reconstruction Using Paleoclimate Data and Ensemble State Estimation (w/ Greg Hakim and Gerard Roe, NSF $422,635)

Climate Change and Food Security (Tamaki Foundation)

Past Research Projects (mostly three year grants, listed in inverse chronological order)

What controls the annual cycle of rainfall in China, and why does rainfall differ from one year to the next? (with Gerard Roe, NSF)

Contributions to Planetary Albedo and the processes that control Meridional Energy Transport

Atmosphere-Land Interactions and Summertime Climate Variability

How will El Nino/Southern Oscillation change due to increased greenhouse gases? (with Dan Vimont, NOAA)

Impacts of El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Events on Chinese Rice Production and the World Rice Market (with Naylor, Falcon and Roselle, NSF)

Geo-engineering Climate Change (Tamaki Foundation)

Construcing a Zero-Energy Rice Seed Bank in Jharkhand, India (w/ Suman Suhai, The Seattle Rotary Club and Amy Goldman)

Scientists Brief to the The Supreme Court

Drought in the Yaqui Valley, Mexico (Packard Foundation)

Rapid Climate Change due to Sea Ice Dynamics in the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans (with Cecilia Bitz, NSF)

ENSO Impacts on Indonesian Agriculture in a Warmer World: Integrating Climate Science, Risk Assessment, and Policy Analysis (with Naylor, Falcon and Vimont, NSF)

Abrupt Climate Change (Comer Foundation)

What controls the mean climate in the tropical Pacific?

Observations for reducing uncertainty in short term climate forecasts (NOAA)

Decadal Variability Around the Atlantic Basin: the Role of Land/Atmosphere/Ocean Interactions in the Atlantic (NOAA)

Workshop on ENSO: Past, present and future (with D. Schrag, Harvard; NOAA)

The Center for Science, the Enviroment and Society (w/ Ed Sarachik; NOAA)

The Relationship Between Climate and the Glaciers in Western North

America (with C. Raymond and H. Conway; NSF)

Decadal Natural Variability in the Tropical Atmosphere/Ocean Climate System (NOAA)

Coupled Modeling of the Arctic Ocean-Atmosphere-Ice System (w/ Dick Moritz; NSF)

Study of the Dynamics and Maintenance of the Intertropical Convergence Zones (NSF)

Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction in the North Atlantic and Connections with the Ocean Basins (NOAA)

The Effects of Tropical Boundary Layer Processes on the Large-Scale Circulation (NOAA)

ENSO modeling with Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Models (w/ Ed Sarachik; NOAA)

Coupled Modeling of the Arctic Ocean-Atmosphere-Ice System System (w/ Dick Moritz; NSF)

Inter and Intra Annual Variability in an Interactive Ocean Atmosphere Climate System (with D. Houghton; NSF)

Dynamics and Maintenance of the Intertropical Convergence Zones (NSF)


Last updated: July 2018