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Current Weather Maps and Data

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Atmospheric Sciences 101: Weather
Autumn 2003
Current Weather Maps and Data

 UW Department of Atmospheric Sciences:  Provides a wide range of weather and climate data.

 Weather Animations:  Animations of weather radar, satellite and surface data.  Weather map movies.

Other good sites include:

1. National Weather Service: Seattle. This site gives you a map on which you can click to obtain the latest NWS forecast for any city or region of Washington or Oregon. Click on Seattle to see the latest forecast for our area.

2. 500 mb height field forecast for 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 , 84, and 96 hours. These maps show the upper atmospheric wind flow including the jetstream.

3. Sea-level pressure and 1000 mb temperature forecast for 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72 hours. The temperature at the 1000 mb level (near the surface of the earth) is shown in color: red indicates warmer air and blue colder air.

4. Latest sounding at Forks, Washington. This will show you the latest vertical profile of temperature and dew point over our area.

5. Latest infrared satellite picture of the eastern Pacific and western United States.

6. Latest Camano Island, Washington radar image. This will show you the latest pattern of precipitation over the Puget Sound area.

7. Latest University of Washington high-resolution model forecast of sea-level pressure temperature and wind for 00, 12, and 36 hours. These maps show a more detailed version of the expected lower-level wind and temperature pattern specifically for the Pacific Northwest.

8.Latest infrared satellite picture with fronts overlaid. This shows how the surface weather relates to the satellite picture.

9. Latest infrared satellite picture with 500 mb map overlaid. This shows how the upper-air winds relate to the satellite picture.

10. Latest Radar Map of the United States. This will show you the latest pattern of precipitation over the United States.

11. SEA-TAC Airport - latest weather. This will show you a nice plot of all the surface observations from SEA-TAC airport over the last 24 hours.

12. Clouds and Weather over Seattle Freeways. These pictures are from the live traffic cameras. Sometimes they show the clouds and weather at the camera sites.

13. Weather Channel. A user friendly comprehensive website for meteorology.

14. Earthwatch. Another user friendly comprehensive website for meteorology.

15. NOAA Air Resources Lab Meteorology. This page contains National Weather Service forecast maps in a highly simplified form appropriate for 101 students.

16. National Center for Atmospheric Research. Probably the most sophisticated comprehensive website for meteorology.

17. Detailed NWS surface map of the U.S. For those who want a current surface map with all the gory details.

18. Art links. Lots of weather links compiled by Art Rangno.