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I regret to note that I will not be on KUOW Weekday in the future. Steve Scher made this decision on Monday, May 16th.  He and his producer Katy Sewall came to this decision after I talked about another issue (UW admissions) on a show a few weeks ago.  They only want me to give the weather forecast and not talk about any education issues (e.g., math education or UW admissions).  I told them that although I had no plans for talking about non-weather topics, I could not guarantee that I never would.  I noted that they allowed other regulars (like Rick Steves) to talk about other issues (e.g., in his case, pot legalization).  They did not think this is analogous.  Anyway, Weekday is Steve and Katy's program and they want someone who will stick only to the weather forecast, without the outreach materials I like to provide.  That is, of course, their right.

I will be starting a weather podcast attached to my blog soon and will consider doing a weather program on another station.

Sorry about this situation. I have enjoyed talking about the weather on KUOW for the past several years.  I will provide more information on my blog later this week....cliff

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