The Weather of the Pacific Northwest
by Cliff Mass, University of Washington

A Comprehensive, Non-Technical Description of the Weather and Climate of the Region
Heavily Illustrated with Over 260 Color Photos and Figures


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Book Outline

Chapter 1:   The Extraordinary Weather of the Pacific Northwest
Chapter 2:   The Basics of Northwest Weather
Chapter 3:   Floods
Chapter 4:   Snowstorms and Ice Storms
Chapter 5:   Windstorms
Chapter 6:   Sea Breezes, Land Breezes, and Slope Winds
Chapter 7:   Coastal Weather Features
Chapter 8:   Mountain Weather Phenomena
Chapter 9:   Weather Features of the Inland Northwest
Chapter 10: Black Holes, Flying Ferries and Tornadoes
Chapter 11: The Challenge of Pacific Northwest Weather Prediction
Chapter 12: The Evolving Weather of the Pacific Northwest
Chapter 13:  Reading the Northwest Skies
Chapter 14:  Northwest Weather Resources

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