A Financial Crisis

The University of Washington and this department are undergoing large budget cutbacks due to the deteriorating economy.

The weather data web pages are major expenses for us, requiring substantial computer resources and personnel time to gather the information, to produce a wide range of web pages and graphics, and to sustain and support the necessary hardware infrastructure.

These web pages are used by tens or hundreds of thousands of people and to continue this valued service, we need your help.

And our needs don't end with the weather and forecast information we provide.  University budget cutbacks will reduce the number of teaching assistants we have, resulting in less individual attention for our undergraduate students. And new initiatives, such our ability to understand the regional effects of global warming, are slowed by lack of computer and other resources.

Your contributions can help us maintain the rich array of weather web pages, to insure our students get the best possible education, and to enhance our ability to study important weather and climate problems.

How can you contribute?  Simply go to the departmental contribution page.  Or if you want more information, please contact our chairman, Dale Durran.