11th Cyclone Workshop

27 August - 1 September, 2000

Pacific Grove, CA

"Turn this boat around,  the Cyclone Workshop is less than two days away!"



Important News

Late-Breaking Announcements

   (1) Off grounds workshop attendees

      If you do not plan on staying at Asilomar and have not yet sent in the $40.00 workshop registration fee, please do so as soon as possible. We need to have an accurate TOTAL Cyclone Workshop head count so an appropriate conference room can be selected. IN ADDITION to the workshop registration fee, There is a Facility Fee charged by Asilomar for off grounds participants of $8 per person    per calendar day. This amounts to a total of $40 per person for the entire workshop. This fee will be collected at the time of the workshop in August. So, if Dr. Doe plans on staying at a hotel off the Asilomar grounds and wishes to attend the entire workshop, Dr. Doe will pay a $40.00 workshop registration fee (which covers costs of the workshop hosts; refreshment and AV expenses), a $40.00 Facility Fee (which covers Asilomar costs), plus the cost of any meals eaten by Dr. Doe at Asilomar. The registration and facility fees do NOT apply to family members who will NOT be attending the workshop. For those people staying off grounds who wish to eat meals at Asilomar, the cost is $5.85 for breakfast, $7.95 for lunch, and $12.75 for dinner. This meal fee also applies to family members not attending the workshop but wishing to eat a meal at Asilomar. Family members staying off grounds wishing to eat meals at Asilomar are advised to go to the front desk and ask for a meal ticket WITHOUT mentioning that they are part of the Cyclone Workshop. Mention of association with the Cyclone Workshop will guarantee that you will be charged the Facility Fee. Off grounds workshop attendees purchasing meal tickets must be sure to mention their association with the Cyclone Workshop so our account is properly credited (I have pre-paid for a number of meals for those staying off grounds). Meal tickets are purchased at the Asilomar front desk in cash.

    (2) On grounds workshop attendees

      Asilomar is unlike a hotel in that they are unable to deal with credit card payment. All attendees staying on the Asilomar grounds will need to make a payment to Douglas Miller for the full amount of your stay (minus the room deposit sent to hold your space) in the form of a check (personal or bank check if account is in the U.S., bank check if account is outside the U.S.) payable in U.S. dollars or a money order. This payment must be received, at the latest, by the day of arrival, 27 August 2000. Recall that the Historic rates are $106.00 ($72.00) for a single (double) per ADULT per NIGHT the Deluxe rates are $133.00 ($82.00) for a single (double) per ADULT per NIGHT, and $47.00 per YOUTH (3-17 years of age) per NIGHT in the Historic or Deluxe rooms. If you will be sharing a Deluxe room for all five nights and have sent in a $60.00 room deposit, you will need to send payment in the amount of (5 X $82.00) - $60.00 = $350.00 due 27 August 2000. If you will be staying alone in an Historic room for all five nights and have sent in your $60.00 room deposit, you will need to send payment in the amount of (5 X $106.00) - $60.00 = $470.00 due 27 August 2000. All rates include required sales and occupancy tax along with accomodation and three meals a day beginning with dinner on Sunday, and ending with lunch on Friday.

      For those attendees staying on the Asilomar grounds but not planning on staying for all five nights (27 - 31 Aug), there will be a vacant room charge of $78.00 for each night that the room is vacant. What is recommended is that those arriving late and/or leaving early should double up with someone intending on staying in the room for the duration of the workshop. Each person will be charged only the double rate while the room is doubly occupied and the person remaining will be charged the single rate on nights whenthey are the sole occupant. This will avoid a vacant room

    As found below,  a draft agenda for the meeting has been set.  A registration fee of $40.00 per person covers the costs of refreshments during the workshop breaks. In addition, we require a  $60.00 room deposit for those wishing to stay at Assilimar.  Please send checks (made payable to Douglas Miller) to the Naval Postgraduate School at the following address:

                     Dr. Douglas Miller
                     Naval Postgraduate School
                     Meteorology Department Code MR/Dm
                     589 Dyer Rd, Bldg 235, Rm 254
                     Monterey, CA 93943-5114

    The Cyclone Workshop has a tradition of encouraging discussion and debate.   This year we follow this path with a large number of panel discussions and plenary discussion time.  We ask that presenters leave at least 3 minutes of their 15-minute slot for discussion.  If you have any special AV needs, please let us know.  Since human beings are not meant to sit in darkened rooms with ice water listening to 15 minute talks all day, we will have an enforced two-hour recreation period each day.  You can sleep, take a walk along the seashore, play golf, or drink beer--among other worthy pursuits.

Call for Submissions

Lodging Information

      The lodging cost at Asilomar is $72.00($82.00 for deluxe accomodations) per person per day for double occupancy or $106.00($133.00 deluxe) per person per day for single occupancy.  Sales and occupancy tax is NOT included in these rates. The costs include accommodation and three meals a day beginning with dinner on Sunday and ending with lunch on Friday. There are a limited number of rooms available on the conference grounds (80) to accommodate 150 attendees, so doubling up is encouraged. In addition, there are several inns in close proximity to Asilomar. However, we have not reserved rooms at these inns and they fill up fast during the summer months. If staying at Asilomar, you will need to send a $60.00 deposit per erson directly to Douglas Miller by 1 March 2000 to confirm your accommodation. Please be sure to note the names of those whose fees the payment is covering. Information about the Asilomar conference grounds can be found on the web display at http://www.asilomarcenter.com/ .

Monterey Climate

Monterey Tourist Information

For More Information, Complaints, or Other Communcation Contact the Meeting Organizers:

Cliff Mass, University of Washington:  cliff@atmos.washington.edu
Doug Miller, Naval Postgraduate School: dmiller@met.nps.navy.mil