11th Cyclone Workshop Call for Papers

27 August - 1 September, 2000

Pacific Grove, CA


Special Session Notice:

Announcing the addition of a special session on the Nor'easter forecast bust of this past week. The session will open with brief
(5-10 minutes) presentations followed by a block of time reserved for discussion. Those interested in making a short presentation should submit an abstract which summarizes your presentation  outline by 1 February 2000 as instructed below.

Original Annoucement:

The first Cyclone Workshop of the new millennium will be held  27 August - 1 September 2000 at the Asilomar Conference Grounds
in Pacific Grove, California. The workshop will assess our  current understanding of cyclones and associated phenomena, and will consider potentially fruitful research directions for the next few decades.

The organizers encourage contributions in six distinct areas;

In order to maintain the unique character of past Cyclone Workshops (e.g., Gyakum et al., BAMS 1999, 285-290), where animated discussion has been central, the organizers will accommodate only a limited number of submissions for oral presentations. There will be no poster sessions. The organizers reserve the right to decline papers that do not clearly fit within the six categories or to restrict the number of presentations to encourage discussion and preserve our traditional late afternoon recreational activities. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. In addition to daytime presentations, nighttime sessions have been organized with the intention of encouraging panel and open discussion. The planned nighttime session topics are:

(1) Frontal analysis: A dinosaur of the 20th century?,

(2) Where lies synoptic meteorology's future?, and

(3) Communicating our improved understanding of cyclone/frontal evolution to our students and to the public.

The Asilomar conference grounds are located near Monterey,California on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The climatology of Monterey is moderate and can be seen on the web display at http://www.weather.nps.navy.mil/~creasey/wx/metloc.html by clicking on the word "Climate" at the top of the page under the subject "Monterey".

The lodging cost at Asilomar is $72.00($82.00) per person per day for double occupancy or $106.00($133.00) per person per day
for single occupancy. Sales and occupancy tax is NOT included in these rates. The costs include accommodation, and three meals a day beginning with dinner on Sunday, and ending with lunch on Friday. There are a limited number of rooms available on the
conference grounds (80) to accommodate 150 attendees, so doubling up is encouraged. In addition, there are several inns in close
proximity to Asilomar. However, we have not reserved rooms at these inns and they fill up fast during the summer months. If
staying at Asilomar, you will need to send a $60.00 deposit per person directly to Douglas Miller by 1 March 2000 to confirm your
accommodation. Please be sure to note the names of those whose fees the payment is covering. Information about the Asilomar
conference grounds can be found on the web display at http://www.asilomarcenter.com/ by clicking on the word "Asilomar"
which will direct you to the information menu.

A registration fee of $40.00 per person will be imposed to cover the costs of refreshments during the workshop breaks. Please send
$60.00 room deposit plus $40.00 registration fee (checks made payable to Douglas Miller) to the Naval Postgraduate School by
1 March 2000.

Please submit your presentation abstract by 1 February 2000.

Participants will be notified of the workshop schedule by 10 February 2000. Please send abstracts to:

Dr. Clifford Mass
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Box 351640
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-1640
email: cliff@atmos.washington.edu
FAX: 206 543 0308

or to:

Dr. Douglas Miller
Naval Postgraduate School
Meteorology Department Code MR/Dm
589 Dyer Rd, Bldg 235, Rm 254
Monterey, CA 93943-5114
email: dmiller@met.nps.navy.mil
FAX: 831 656 3061

Please feel free to forward this announcement to colleagues notrepresented on our current email list.


1 February 2000: Abstracts due

10 February 2000: Workshop agenda sent to participants

1 March 2000: $100.00 deposit per person due at NPS

27 August 2000: Workshop begins w/ Sunday dinner

1 September 2000: Workshop ends w/ Friday lunch