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Personal Data


Address:                      Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Box 351640

                                    University of Washington

                                    Seattle, Washington  98195


                                    (206) 685-0910




            B.S., Cornell University  1974

                        Major - Physics


            Ph.D., University of Washington  1978

                        Atmospheric Sciences


            Doctoral Thesis:  "A Numerical and Observational Study of African Wave

                                         Disturbances."  J. R. Holton, adviser.



Professional Experience


Mid 1981 to                Assistant, Associate Professor, and Professor, Department of

present                         Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington.


1978 to mid                 Assistant Professor, Department of Meteorology, University of

1981                            Maryland. 


1974 to                        Research Assistant at Department of Atmospheric Sciences,

1978                            University of Washington.




The Weather of the Pacific Northwest, University of Washington Press, Available November 2008


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Electronic Publications


National Meteorological Center Grid Point Data Set CD-ROM (Versions I and II).

GALE Experiment CD-ROM.

North American Observational Data for August-December 1987 CD-ROM.

World Weather Disc CD-ROM.

Climate Analysis Center Global Gridded Data


Offices and Honors


Fellow, American Meteorological Society

Max Eaton Award, American Meteorological Society

President, Puget Sound Chapter, American Meteorological Society.

Program Chairman, Puget Sound Chapter, AMS.

Treasurer, Puget Sound Chapter, AMS.

Chairman, UCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research), UNIDATA Data Access Committee.

Associate Editor, Monthly Weather Review.

Consulting Editor, Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather.

Chairman, UCAR Committee on Meteorological Data Sets

Chairman, 15th AMS Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecastings

Chairman, Special Workshop on Real-Time Mesoscale NWP in the University Community

Chairman, AMS Mesoscale Meteorology Committee


National Committees


WRF Research Applications Board

NRC Committee on Atmospheric Predictability

AMS Ad-Hoc Committee on Community Fora

Chairman and member, USWRP CONDUIT committee

USWRP Science Advisory Board

WRF Science Board

Chairman and member, AMS Mesoscale Committee

USWRP PDT#4 on Mountain Meteorology

USWRP PDT#9 on Hydrology

AMS Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecasting

MM5 Community Oversight Committee

AMS Information Systems Committee

UCAR/NWS Local Digital Library Committee

UNIDATA Steering and Data Access Committees

National Academy of Sciences Geophysical Data Committee

UCAR COMET Advisory Committee

Search Committee for New NWS Director

Executive Committee, Board of Oceans and Atmosphere, National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges


Regional Committees


Puget Sound Upper Air Observations Committee

Chairman, Profiler Management Committee

Northwest Mesoscale Modeling Committee


University Committees and Organizations


Member, University Senate 1988-1990, current

Department Computer Committee

Arts and Sciences Graduation Committee

Department Rules and Computer Committees

University Electronic Classroom Committee

University Football Seminar Committee


Past Graduate Students


Kucera, T., 1981:  M.S. on mesoscale modeling in complex terrain.

Delman, A., 1981:  M.S. on diurnal wind and temperature variations and air quality in Washington, D.C. area.

Dubofsky, D., 1981:  M.S. on a diagnostic study of Hurricane David.

Dempsey, D., 1985:  Ph.D. on mesoscale modeling in complex terrain.

Pam Speers, 1985:  M.S. on precipitation diagnoses and modeling in complex terrain.

David Portman, 1988:  M.S.  Effects of major eruptions on surface temperature and pressure. 

Daniel Brees,1988:  M.S. Onshore push of the Pacific Northwest. 

Brian Ulrickson, 1989:  Ph.D.  3D primitive equation modeling of flow in the LA basin.

Garth Ferber,1991 M.S.  Mesoscale pressure perturbations forced by the Olympic Mountains.

David Schultz, 1992, M.S.  Structural analysis of a midlatitude cyclone over land.

Brian Colle, 1994, M.S. Northerly surges to the east of the Rocky Mountains.

Jim Steenburgh, 1995, Ph.D:  Mesoscale modeling of synoptic/orographic interactions.

Brian Colle, 1997, Ph.D:  Dynamics of windstorms in three dimensional terrain

Fang-Ching Chien, 1997, Ph.D:  Interaction of fronts with coastal topography.

Ken Westrick, 1998, M.S.:  Coupling of atmospheric and distributed hydrological models.

Richard Steed, 1999, M.S.:  Initialization of mesoscale forecasting models.

Eric Grimit, 2001, M.S.;  A Short-Range Ensemble Prediction System

Justin Sharp, 2002:  M.S.:  A Study of the Meteorology of the Columbia River Gorge

Tony Eckel, 2004: Ph.D.  Effective Short-Range Mesoscale Ensemble Prediction.

Eric Grimit, 2004:  Ph.D.  Predicting Forecast Skill Using a Mesoscale Ensemble System

Justin Sharp, 2005, Ph.D.  Modeling study of the flow in the Columbia River Gorge.

Brian Ancell, 2006, Ph.D.  Adjoint and ensemble-based forecast sensitivity

Bri Dotson, 2007, M.S.. Structure and dynamics of major Pacific windstorms.