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Atmospheric Sciences 101: Weather
Autumn 2017

Cliff F. Mass | cmass@uw.edu
612 ATG (Atmospheric Sci.)
Office hours by appointment
Email questions welcome at all times.

Teaching Assistants:
Conor McNicholas | cmcnich@u.washington.edu

TA Office: 402 ATG, 543-6627
Office hours:  M, T 2-3 PM

Additional hours by appointment.


No required textbook but recommended books:

1.  Hakim/Patoux:  Weather-A Concise Introduction.  $20 at book store

2.  C. Donald Ahrens: Essentials of the Meteorology, An Invitation to the Atmosphere,  or Weather, , or Essentials of Meteorology.  Used copies are fine.   All these editions are virtually the same. Variable prices online

Quiz Sections will include short quizzes, homework and exam reviews, and short demonstrations.

Class Schedule:

Lectures: Mon-Thurs 10:30-11:20 am Kane 210

Quiz Sections:

Thursday, 1:30 PM
Friday, 10:30, 11:30 AM