ATM S 490, Autumn 2018

Current Weather Analysis

Professor Clifford F. Mass
612 Atmospheric Sciences Bldg., 685-0910

Course Goals:

    1.  Develop a basic understanding of weather observing technology
    2.  Understand the basics about weather maps and weather imagery
    3.  Learn how weather forecasts are made
    4.  Participate in a weekly discussion of the current weather situation

Course Outline (click to view)

Class TimesThursday, 12:30-1:20 PM, ATG (Atmospheric Sciences/Geophysics) 610

Office Hours:  Drop in or by appointment.  If we are not busy with someone else, you can stop in.

Textbook: None, but will hand out notes and powerpoints will be available online

Grading:  Pass/fail.  Passing based on satisfactory completion of weekly assignments.  Lowest assignment is dropped.

Final Exam:  None

Links to Powerpoint Presentations  and Web Materials Used in Class