Atmospheric Sciences 452

Weather Forecasting and Advanced Synoptic Meteorology
Spring 2021

12-h forecast   ensemble

Special note:  This quarter, 452 will be given entirely online. 


Professor Cliff Mass, 612 ATG, 685-0910,

Dr. Nick Bond

Class Hours:
Lectures on MWF 1:30-2:20 PM, but occasionally will occur on Tuesdays or Thursdays.
Lab:  1:30-3:20 PM (T, TH), 2:30-4:20 PM (MW), 2:30-3:20 (F)

This year the class will be given entirely online through zoom.  Lectures should be given at the same times as noted above.

Office Hours:
Anytime we are in our offices. Appointments can be made if needed. Email questions are always welcome.

Students are encouraged to email questions or concerns via email.  We are happy to consult over the telephone or through a zoom session.

Course Outline:
Outline Web Page

Lots of online handouts and web-based materials.

All materials will be provided electronically.

25% forecasting, 25% labs and map discussion, 25% midterm, 25% final

Midterm:  TBA

Class Web Site:

Class Powerpoints

Goals of Class:
1. To learn the tools and techniques of modern weather forecasting
2. To review more advanced topics in synoptic and mesoscale meteorology

Laboratory Exercises:
Surface map analysis (both North American, regional, and oceanic)
Daily forecasting at several cities
Student-led map discussions
Regional case studies
COMET modules