ATMS 361 Course Outline

This  course  will cover  the  communication  of weather  information and  forecasts  through  the media,  from  radio  and  television  broadcasting  to  modern-day  weather  apps,  blogs  and  social media.  

Students  will  learn  to  interpret a  wide  variety  of weather  information,  from observations  to  weather  model  forecasts  and  to  translate  such  information into  a  presentations using  various  communications  approaches.   

tudents  will  create  on-air weather graphics,  using  a  chromakey  weather wall,  and  practice  writing  a  weather  blog. 

Students will learn effective approaches for writing weather blogs and the application of social media.

The  course  will feature  various  speakers  experienced  in  weather  communications,  and  will visit  the  Seattle National Weather Service  office  and  a local  television  station.