Richard E. Brandt

Science Manager
Whiteface Mountain Field Station
Atmospheric Sciences Research Center
University of Albany, Albany, NY, USA


Research Scientist    
Atmospheric Science Department
University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA 

New York Address:
Atmospheric Sciences Research Center
Whiteface Mountain Field Station
110 Marble Mt. Lane
P.O. Box 276
Wilmington, NY 12997
Phone: 518.946.2155
Fax: 518.946.7263
Seattle Address:
University of Washington
523 ATG Building
Box 351640
Seattle, WA 98195-1640
Phone: 206.543.7180
Fax: 206.543.0308

List of Publications

Current Academic Projects:
SNOWBALL EARTH Glaciated ocean surfaces during the Neoproterozoic
ICE OPTICAL CONSTANTS Compilation of ice optical constants from UV to microwave
ARCTIC SOOT Effect of soot and dust on arctic ice and snow
Bidirectional reflectance measurements at Dome Concordia, Antarctica
ANARE-2000 Optical properties of East Antarctic sea-ice
SPARCLE  South Pole Atmospheric Radiation and Cloud Lidar Experiment

ASRC Projects:
Doug Wolfe's retirement party
Whiteface Mountain Field Station renovations

Bloomingdale Elementary School Arctic/Antarctic Project:

NEW! Waddles visits her friends on the Antarctic sea ice at the end of winter 2009
Waddles visits an Inuit kindergarten and travels in Nunavut 2009
Waddles' Excellent Adventure in Svalbard 2007

Bloomingdale School Antarctic Project 2004-2005
Bloomingdale School Antarctic Project 2003-2004
Bloomingdale School Antarctic Project 2002-2003
Bloomingdale School Antarctic Project 1999-2001

Other Photography Projects:
Saranac Lake High School Musical 'Once Upon a Mattress' 2013
Saranac Lake High School Musical 'How to Succeed in Buisness Without Really Trying' 201
Saranac Lake Middle School Play 'May the Farce be with You' Photos 2011
Saranac Lake High School Musical 'Lil Abner'' 2010

Whiteface Gondola Evacuation Team


Recent Talks:
PSC Sustainability Series: Atmospheric CO2: Is it really changing and whatcan we do about it?
PSC Winter Ecology: Talk on the physical properties of snow  (in powerpoint)
ADK Talk on Antarctica and Climate (in powerpoint)