Stephen Warren
Steve Warren
Stephen G. Warren                       
Department of Atmospheric Sciences, and Department of Earth & Space Sciences
University of Washington, Box 351640
Seattle, Washington, USA 98195
email sgw at

Research topics:
olar and infrared radiation processes in snow, clouds and sea ice.
Antarctic climate.
Light-absorbing impurities in snow.
Oceanic processes on Snowball Earth. 
Global cloud climatology.
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Current coworkers
Former students

Richard Brandt
Rudong Zhang
Sarah Doherty
Ryan Eastman
Thomas Grenfell
Bonnie Light
Adam Campbell
Regina Carns
Ruzica Dadic
Dean Hegg
Qiang Fu
Ed Waddington
Cheng Dang
Peter Mullen
Richard Brandt
Patricia O'Rawe
Rob Boime
Von P. Walden
Gary Hansen
Susan Harder
M.S. 1984        
M.S. 1990
M.S. 1991
M.S. 1993
Ph.D. 1995
Ph.D. 1996
Ph.D. 1996
Sarah Doherty
Ash Mahesh
Penny Rowe
Melanie Fitzpatrick
Michael Town
Stephen Hudson
M.S. 1997 (Ph.D. 2001)
Ph.D. 1999
Ph.D. 2004
Ph.D. 2005
Ph.D. 2007
Ph.D. 2007
Projects (all supported by the National Science Foundation):
Soot in Arctic Snow
Global Cloud Climatology
Ocean Surfaces on Snowball Earth
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