Philip Regulski


Research Meteorologist (Research Scientist / Engineer 3)
Mesoscale Analysis and Forecasting Group



I am a Research Meteorologist in Professor Cliff Mass' Mesoscale Analysis and Forecasting Group at the University of Washington's Department of Atmospheric Sciences. I manage the WRF-EnKF Real-Time Data Assimilation and Forecast System, develop proto-type software applications, such as Seattle RainWatch, for clients and spend time doing research in the field of Atmospheric Sciences. Software development, programming and statistical analysis of large data sets are my specailties. I have worked in the department for over ten years and have over seven years experience developing state-of-the-art weather applications, managing proof-of-concept projects, and doing cost-benfit studies for different organizations such as 3Tier, Boeing, Vaisala, Seattle Public Utilities and the Northwest Modeling Consortium, which includes the National Weather Service, Washington State University, USDA Forest Service, the EPA, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, Washington State - Dept. of Transportation, Seattle City Light and the Idaho Dept of Environmental Quality.


I earned a Masters Degree in Atmospheric Sciences in 2004 for studying the relationship of large-scale dynamics, circulation and sea surface temperature to atmospheric properties in the Tropics using the MM5 numerical forecasting model. Before this I worked as an Optoelectronic Engineer at IPITEK developing fiberoptic multiplexing technologies and sensor systems for GEM rockets in partnership with the US Air Force. I have a BS in Astronomy with a minor in Mathematics from San Diego State University where I graduated magna cum laude.


My current research includes:

* Develop, manage, improve and maintain the University of Washington - Department of Atmospheric Science's Real-Time WRF Ensemble Kalman Filter
* developing proto-type and proof-of-concept software applications
* creating a Nowcasting weather prediction system - Seattle RainWatch - for the Puget Sound Area using radar and rain gauge data.
* assimmilating lightning network detection data into numerical weather prediction models in order to improve forecasts
* developing applications for the UW-Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences Real-Time numerical weather prediction suite.
* dissemination of weather information to both the industrial and private sector

My current interests include:

* real-time numerical weather forecasting using WRF
* data analysis
* software development
* sports statistics
* data assimilation using the Ensemble Kalman Filter
* developing web applications
* weather forecasting
* synoptic and mesoscale meteorology
* helping the public understand the science of meteorology
* climate research
* politics


-- On-the-Fly Timeheights goes LIVE! (8/10/2011)

-- New Homepage (8/10/2011)

-- New WRF-EnKF Webpage (04/01/2011)

-- Seattle RainWatch in the news: Seattle Times (10/03/2010)

-- Seattle RainWatch in the news: Seattle Times (03/06/2010)

-- Seattle RainWatch goes LIVE! (09/01/2009)


More to come soon (8/10/11)

Languages: Perl, Fortran, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, C
Web Technologies: X/HTML, CSS, Ajax
Data(base) Technologies: MySQL
Software packages: Matlab, GEMPAK
OS: Linux/UNIX, MS Windows, Mac


Department of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Washington, Box 351640
Seattle, WA 98195

Office: 612 ATG
Phone: (206) 221 6359


Coming soon! (8/10/2011)

Please direct inquiries, questions and comments to: Phil Regulski

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