Examining Climate Impacts on the Pacific Northwest

I am currently working as a research scientist at the NOAA/UW Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Oceans (JISAO). My main job is working with the Climate Impacts Group.

What's this all about?

We are interested in documenting the human and ecosystem dimensions of climate variability for the Pacific Northwest region. Floods, droughts, snowpack, temperature and streamflow . . . each of these aspects of climate impact the natural resources of the Pacific Northwest. In the past few years we have worked very hard to establish an ongoing dialogue with people in resource industries that might benefit from the "state-of-the art" in climate monitoring and prediction. This project is an interdisciplinary effort, one of the first of its kind, that involves researchers in forestry, fisheries, atmospheric sciences, marine affairs, hydrology, and public health. From 1995-2011 we've been funded by NOAA's Climate Program Office as part of the Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA) program.

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Reports and non-peer reviewed articles

U.S. Climate Change Science Plan product 5.3 (in review): Decision-support experiments and evaluations using seasonal to interannual forecasts and observational data. (onvening lead author for Chapter 2, lead author for chapters 1 and 5)