Luke Madaus --> Meteorologist


Graduate Student, UW Atmospheric Sciences

I am interested in mesoscale and synoptic scale-dynamic meteorology, numerical weather prediction, ensemble forecasting, data assimilation, radar meteorology, and research-operations interaction.

My advisors are Drs. Cliff Mass and Greg Hakim at the University of Washington Department of Atmospheric Sciences. My research involves the improvement of short-term numerical weather prediction through innovative uses of the ensemble Kalman filter.


Press. Assim. Img
A sample sensitivity plot showing the impact on the entire surface pressure field of assimilating just one surface pressure observation at KSEA.

Currently I am working on assessing the value of assimilating high spatial and temporal resolution surface pressure and altimeter readings into high-resolution regional ensemble models. These observations hold a lot of promise for not only improving our initial estimates of the surface pressure field, but also in improving our analysis of other surface variables and even properties of the atmosphere aloft.

Sensitivity Img
Sample plot showing an ensemble estimate of the sensitivity of surface pressure at KSEA to 500mb height three hours prior.

As a part of my research with ensemble modeling, I'm also investigating significant covariances between observable variables and difficult or impossible to observe quantities in various scenarios. There are many benefits to doing these ensemble sensitivity analyses. Not only can we see how strongly atmospheric conditions at one place and time influence different atmospheric conditions at another place and time, but they can also give insight into where we could use more observations or what specific variables it is more critical to observe to improve forecasts.

3-d Python Img
A 3-d plot using Python's Mayavi module showing the 3-d wind field from a 12-km regional WRF run. The main jet streak(s) are highlighted while the full wind field is shown by arrows.

I am also interested in using Python to visualize and process meteorological and other earth science data. Several scripts I have written or helped to write are available from the python scripts section of my site. Some of the scripts are a bit clunky and outdated, but I plan to update the list as I update my scripts.