Lexie Goldberger

University of Washington

Email: laberger@atmos.washington.edu

Phone: (813) 340-0096



Research Interests:


Atmospheric Chemistry, Biomass Burning Plume Chemistry and Aging

            Specific Interests: physicochemical properties of aerosols, nocturnal evolution of halogenated species, nitrates, and phenolic compounds


Education and Professional Experience:


University of Washington, Seattle, WA            

            Graduate Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant

            Department of Atmospheric Sciences

            Advisor: Prof. Joel Thornton


University of Chicago, Chicago, IL                                                 

            Undergraduate, Lab Assistant

            Advisor: Prof. Elisabeth Moyer

            Major: Geophysical Sciences, Bachelor of Science, 2014


United States Geological Survey, St. Petersburg, FL             

            Student Employee, Lab Assistant

            PI: Ilsa Kuffner


Atlas Aviation, Tampa, FL                                                                                         

            Private Pilot

            License: Private, current, 2009


Selected Honors and Awards:


Student Poster Competition Winner American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) [2016]

Student Assistantship AAAR [2016]

STEP Student Temporary Employment Program, awarded through USGS [2011-2012]

YIF Youth Initiative Funding [2011]

Uncommon Fund, University of Chicago [2011]


Research Experience:


University of Washington

Graduate Researcher with Prof. Joel Thornton          [2014- present]

      Projects Include

   Analysis of flight data taken from the SENEX (Southern Nexus) Campaign to study the nitration of phenolic compounds in biomass burning plumes

   Preparation and deployment of the HR-ToF-CIMS to the Carnegie Mellon Combustion chamber to observe biomass burning chlorine activation

   Current preparation for the NOAA UWFPS (Utah Winter Fine Particulate Study) to observe the spatial distribution of key trace gases related to particulate matter formation


University of Chicago

Undergraduate Researcher with Prof. Elisabeth Moyer         [2012-2014]

   Data analyst and lab assistant designing a spectroscopic, calibration system to detect the vapor mixing ratio of isotopic-enriched water

   Analyzing the energy output of Michigan wind farms


United States Geological Survey

Student Temporary Employ with Ilsa Kuffner          [2011-2013]

       Internship then retained as an employ under research scientist Ilsa Kuffner. Studied climate changes effect on coral. Lab work and data analysis (Coral Reef Ecosystem Studies Project, CREST)


Field Experience:



   ARISTO, Aug 2015. C-130 Aircraft. NCAR.

   ToF installation

   Carnegie Mellon Combustion Chamber, Feb-Mar 2016. NSF.

   ToF deployment, chamber operations, and reintegration

   HISCALE, July 2016, DoE.

   ToF calibrations and pre-flights


   UWFPS, Jan-Feb 2017. Twin Otter Aircraft. NOAA.

   ToF deployment, flight operations, and reintegration


Certified Training:


Egress Aircraft Crash Survival Training, ERI, Wenachee, WA, contact, Brett Stofel. Sep 2016.

Adult First Aid/CPR/AED, Red Cross, Seattle, WA. Sep 2016.

Machine shop privileges, UW, Seattle, WA.


Teaching Experience:


Teaching Assistant, University of Washington, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

      Fall 2015: Global Warming 111


Workshop Presenter, Bellevue College

      March 2015: Expand Your Horizons

   Workshop Developer and Presenter for under privileged high school girls

      March 2016: Expand Your Horizons

   Workshop developer


Teaching Internship, University of Chicago, Department of Geophysical Sciences

      Summer 2012 with Prof. Douglas MacAyeal

   Aided in development of student labs for GEOS 111 (Global Warming for non-majors]). Developed Matlab GUIs in conjunction with google earth to teach about the decline of tropical glaciers over the past century


Service and Outreach Experience:


Professional Memberships

   Earth Sciences Womens Network [2015- present]

   American Meteorological Society [2016- present]


   University of Washingtons Department of Atmospheric Sciences Outreach presenter [2014- present]

   Expand Your Horizons [ March 2015, March 2016]

   MESA day [March 2016]

Student Organizations

   Founder of the University of Chicagos Engineering Society. Lead workshops teaching students to use Arduino.  Project leader on three weather balloon projects, one of which made measurements in the stratosphere. These projects were funded through an award from the Uncommon Fund. [2010- 2014]

   GeoUnion at the University of Chicago. Weekly seminar where invited speakers in the field of Earth Science give a talk directly geared to undergraduates for an undergraduate audience only. I acted as speaker coordinator from 2013-2014. [2010- 2014]




White Paper

Moyer E., S. Johnson, L. Goldberger, J. Zhu. 2012. Feasibility and Implications of the Michigan 2012 Proposal 3 for a 25% State Renewable Portfolio Standard. Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy.


Conference Presentation:


AAAR, Portland, OR, October, 2016

Dinitrogen Pentoxide (N2O5) Reactive Uptake and Multiphase Chlorine Chemistry on Authentic Biomass Burning Aerosol. Goldberger, L., Ahern, A., Jahl, L., Lee, B., Sullivan, R. Thornton, J.