Johnathan Metz's Website

Welcome to my website! It's a work in progress.

I am a second-year graduate student at the University of Washington. I work with Dr. Dale Durran in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences.

My graduate research involves investigating non-steady-state mountain wave dynamics in realistic topographies. I am currently involved in analysis of data from the DEEP Propagating Gravity WAVE Experiment (DEEPWAVE) field campaign, which was conducted in New Zealand during the austral winter of 2014 (June and July).

I received my bachelor's degree in atmospheric sciences summa cum laude from the University of North Dakota in the Spring of 2015. My minors were mathematics and computer science.

Eventually the plan is to have some awesome resources here, but we'll see when that happens. :)

Research Interests

Useful Links

MATLAB Tutorial

I co-wrote a MATLAB tutorial several years ago, which can be found here. This includes basic exercises relevant to the atmospheric sciences. A similar Python tutorial will be forthcoming when I have the time.