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Topic and link Reference
The effect of clouds over snow on the ToA BRDF Hudson, S.R. and S.G. Warren 2007: An explanation for the effect of clouds over snow on the top-of-atmosphere bidirectional reflectance. J. Geophys. Res., 112, D19202, doi:10.1029/2007JD008541.
BRDF of East-Antarctic snow Hudson, S.R., S.G. Warren, R.E. Brandt, T.C. Grenfell, and D. Six, 2006: Spectral bidirectional reflectance of Antarctic snow: Measurements and parameterization. J. Geophys. Res., 111, D18106, doi:10.1029/2006JD007290.
Antarctic temperature inversion Hudson, S.R. and R.E. Brandt, 2005: A Look at the Surface-Based Temperature Inversion on the Antarctic Plateau. J. Climate, 18, 1673-96
Radiosonde response times at low temperatures Hudson, S.R., M.S. Town, V.P. Walden, and S.G. Warren, 2004: Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure Response of Radiosondes at Low Temperatures. J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 21, 825-36.
Bacterial Activity in South Pole Snow Warren, S.G. and S.R. Hudson, 2003: Bacterial Activity in South Pole Snow Is Questionable (Comment). Appl. Environ. Microbiol., 69, 6340-41.


October 2006 6th CERES Science Team Meeting
July 2006 AMS Atmospheric Radiation Conference
March 2006 IWMMM4 Meeting
April 2005 CMDL Annual Meeting
April 2005 Climate and the Cryosphere (CliC) Conference
May 2003 AMS Polar Meteorology Conference


The Powerpoint of my general exam presentation gives an overview of the research I have proposed for my Ph.D. project.
A PDF of my thesis proposal gives more details about my proposed Ph.D. work.
The Powerpoint and the PDF of my Ph.D. defense talk.
A PDF of my dissertation.

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