Turkey Day, and a Black Friday Cyclone!

Visible Satellite Image of the Indian OCean

Visible satellite image of a really big cyclone!

I know, I know, I’m supposed to be focusing on the MJO, but it’s just so darn pretty!

To be fair, the MJO probably played a role in this soon-to-be cyclone. And when I say cyclone, which is how they’re known in this part of the world, I mean a hurricane (for us Americans). Or a typhoon, if you’re in the NW Pacific.

So I may be the only one really jazzed, but I don’t care. To have all of this instrumentation sampling the genesis of a tropical cyclone by pure proximity is pretty awesome for me. It makes me giddy! It doesn’t have a name yet, and fortunately it’s heading into the Arabian Sea and away from land, so I can feel giddy with minimal guilt.


Thanksgiving dinner with friends.

In other news, the active phase of the MJO has been keeping us busy at the radar. At points, there’s so much eye candy on the radar that it’s hard to choose what to talk about. Yesterday, after a really long day of putting a really long report together, I was very pleasantly surprised. I walked into dinner and found a giant table pulled together with everyone sitting at it, a centerpiece made out of snorkel gear, a little screen showing a fireplace, and the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack playing. We toasted to Thanksgiving with champagne, and after our dinner of usual Equator Village fare we ate ice cream with M&Ms and real American chocolate-flavored sauce! That and a special video chat with my husband made me so happy I nearly cried.


A convective cell that developed off a cold pool. My little baby grew up so fast!

So to everyone back home, Happy Thanksgiving! I miss all of my family and friends, but I can’t regret my time out here. I’m very grateful for a family that is safe and happy, wonderful friends both old and new, a working radar, the opportunity of a lifetime, and a daily reminder of why I love what I do.

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