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group leader:
dargan frierson
dargan's CV in pdf format.
for the personal side of dargan, click here.

postdoctoral researcher:

sam potter

sam is working on the dynamics of midlatitude cyclones

graduate students:

elizabeth maroon
elizabeth is working on tropical precipitation in idealized models

judy twedt
judy is working on atmosphere-ocean interactions

ashly spevacek
ashly is a first year graduate student

stephanie rushley
stephanie is a first year graduate student


yen-ting hwang (PhD 2013)
ting is a professor at national taiwan university

jack scheff (PhD 2014)
jack is a nsf postdoctoral fellow at lamont-doherty earth observatory

group milestones:

news from 2014 (1)
  • August 2014: Jack successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis! Congratulations Dr. Scheff!!!
news from 2013 (9)
  • October 2013: Why does it rain so much more in the Northern Hemisphere tropics? Read our new explanation for this, involving the global ocean circulation, and the accompanying press release.
  • June 2013: Paper on aerosol influences on the 1980s drought in the Northern Hemisphere tropics published. Read our press release
  • May 2013: Ting successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis! Congratulations Dr. Hwang!!!
  • April 2013: Paper on the power of condensation to warm cold beverages is published in Physics Today. Read our press release and coverage on NBC News
  • April 2013: Paper on the interhemispheric temperature difference by Andrew Friedman, Ting, John Chiang, and Dargan is released and highlighted by Nature Geoscience. Read the press release on the study
  • March 2013: Judy wins the NSF Graduate Fellowship, which she will take to UW Department of Atmospheric Sciences (co-advised by Dargan, Cecilia Bitz and David Battisti)
  • March 2013: Ting and Dargan's PNAS paper on Southern Ocean clouds and the double ITCZ problem is released, with an accompanying press release and coverage on The Verge
  • March 2013: Dargan gives the annual University of Miami RSMAS student invited lecture
  • January 2013: Dargan gives the 1st annual Colorado State University FORTCAST (student AMS chapter) student invited colloquium

news from 2012 (8)
  • December 2012: Jack wins a Outstanding Student Paper Award at the AGU fall meeting
  • September 2012: Dargan is promoted to Associate Professor
  • July 2012: Four new papers about CMIP5 models are submitted for the deadline for inclusion in the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report
  • June 2012: Stella joins the group to continue the condensation experiments that Steven has been working on
  • March 2012: Ting, Jack, and Dargan present at the CMIP5 Model Analysis Workshop
  • March 2012: Ting passes her general exam. Congrats Ting!
  • February 2012: Judy joins the group as an undergraduate research assistant. She'll be studying CMIP5 simulations of global warming
  • January 2012: Joshua joins the group as an undergraduate research assistant. He'll be studying static stability in CMIP5 simulations of global warming

news from 2011 (6)
  • November 2011: Weikun joins the research group as an undergraduate assistant. She'll be studying CMIP5 simulations of global warming
  • September 2011: Ting's new paper has been named an Editor's Highlight by Geophysical Research Letters
  • June 2011: Jack, Ting and Dargan present at the AMS Atmosphere-Ocean Fluid Dynamics meeting in Spokane
  • June 2011: Nick graduates from UW. He'll be continuing to work in the group over the summer, and will attend grad school at Colorado State University to work with Thomas Birner in the fall. Congrats Nick!
  • May 2011: Jack has officially qualified for the Ph.D. program! His presentation was entitled "CMIP3 21st Century Robust Subtropical Precipitation Declines are Mostly Mid-latitude Shifts". Check out his Master's Thesis here
  • May 2011: Steven Brey joins the group. He'll be working on lab experiments to show the power of condensational heating as a heat source.

news from 2010 (12)
  • December 2010: Marshall Stoner successfully defends his Master's Thesis entitled "The Madden-Julian Oscillation and Other Modes of Tropical Intraseasonal Variability: GCM Simulations for Idealized Sea Surface Temperatures". Congratulations Marshall!
  • November 2010: Ting has officially qualified for the Ph.D. program! Her talk was titlied "The Effects of Feedbacks on Atmospheric Fluxes and Tropical Precipitation: Analysis of IPCC AR4 GCMs"
  • October 2010: Ting and Jack present at the Graduate Climate Conference
  • September 2010: Elizabeth Maroon joins the research group as a first year graduate student. She is co-advised by David Battisti and is supported by the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship.
  • September 2010: The Program on Climate Change Summer Institute, organized by Dargan, takes place at Friday Harbor Labs
  • August 2010: Alex Kowaleski finishes his summer internship. Check out his research summary page and internship video. Great job Alex!
  • July 2010: Jaycyl Golding and Galen Richards join the research group as summer high school student interns. They are participants in the Pacific Science Center Discovery Corps program. They are working on outreach experiments developed by Dargan and Dale Durran that show the large amount of heat that's released when condensation occurs.
  • June 2010: Robert Marshall graduates from UW. He'll be attending graduate school at University of Colorado in the fall. Congrats Robert!
  • June 2010: Alex Kowaleski joins the group as an undergraduate summer research assistant. Alex is a member of the JISAO Summer Research Program
  • June 2010: Ting and Dargan each give talks about Ting's thesis work at the Western Pacific Geophysics meeting in Taipei, Taiwan
  • June 2010: Josh is awarded a summer internship at the Seattle offices of the National Weather Service through the Student Career Employment Program. Congratulations Josh!
  • January 2010: Nick joins the group as an undergraduate research assistant

news from 2009 (11)
  • December 2009: Dargan is awarded a NSF grant to study the determination of static stability in midlatitudes
  • September 2009: Dargan wins the Department of Atmospheric Sciences Annual Teaching Award!
  • August 2009: Josh joins the group as an undergraduate research assistant
  • June 2009: Dargan gives invited lecture at the International Workshop on Global Climate Monitoring and Modeling in Seoul, South Korea hosted by KORDI
  • May 2009: Marshall is awarded a SCEP intership at the Climate Prediction Center in Washington, DC. He will study the MJO and seasonal climate prediction beginning in November 2009, applying the theoretical problems he is studying in his Master's thesis to the real world!
  • May 2009: Jack attends the Fundamental Problems in Climate Dynamics conference in Princeton, NJ organized by Isaac Held and Geoff Vallis
  • April 2009: Informal group member Joe Kidston (a Ph.D. student from Victoria University of Wellington who visited from Sept 2008-March 2009) is awarded and accepts a postdoctoral fellowship at GFDL/Princeton University. Congratulations Joe!
  • April 2009: Adam Sobel, Eric Maloney, and Dargan are awarded a NOAA grant to study the Madden-Julian Oscillation in GFDL's AM3 model. With Adam, Eric, and a postdoc at CSU, Dargan will spend part of his summer running and studying the tropical variability within the state-of-the-art AM3 model, which will be a cornerstone model in the forthcoming IPCC Fifth Assessment Report
  • April 2009: Ting attends the Graduate Climate Conference, an international conference for graduate students organized by UW Atmospheric Sciences students
  • March 2009: Robert joins the research group as an undergraduate research assistant
  • February 2009: Dargan is awarded a NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award. This will provide support for the group for the next 5 years to study the effect of latent heating on the Hadley circulation. The educational part of this grant is in collaboration with Professor Dale Durran, Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics at UNC-Wilmington (specifically with Professor Gabriel Lugo) and the University of Washington-Yakima Valley Partnership
  • January 2009: Jack attends the AMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ. Check him out receiving a certificate for his fellowship at the meeting

news from 2008 (6)

news from 2007 (3)
  • September 2007: Dargan attends the UW Faculty Fellows Program, a week-long symposium that seeks to improve the teaching abilities of new faculty members
  • September 2007: Ting joins research group as 1st year graduate student
  • September 2007: Dargan joins the UW Department of Atmospheric Sciences as an Assistant Professor