Ecoclimate Lab

University of Washington


Abigail L.S. Swann

Assistant Professor

Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Department of Biology

Lab Focus

  1. Ecoclimate (the ecosystem-climate system)

  2. Biosphere-climate feedbacks

  3. Climate and ecosystem modeling

  4. Carbon cycle

Photos: 1. Albedo contrast of deciduous and needleleaf evergreen trees at the Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watershed in Alaska. 2. Agricultural fields in the Peruvian Andes. 3. Tropical forest near the Caxiuanã Field site at the Ferreira Penna Field Station in Brazil.

Lab News

January 15, 2015

New co-authored paper just published using the EDBRAMS model over South America. 

October 27, 2014

How do trees change the climate?” post written by Abby on the RealClimate blog.

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