Friday, March 3 -- Saturday, March 4, 2017
NOAA Western Regional Center, Seattle WA
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The Northwest Weather Workshop, sponsored by NOAA's National Weather Service, the University of Washington, and the Puget Sound Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, covers recent developments in Northwest weather forecasting and observational technologies, major weather events of the past year, and topics dealing with western U.S. meteorology. It is open to all interested parties.

This year there will be a special session on Communicating Forecast Uncertainty. The conference will also include a session dedicated to recent improvements in numerical weather prediction technology.

DATES: March 3-4, 2017 (Friday and Saturday)

LOCATION: NOAA Western Regional Center, Building 9 Auditorium, Seattle

TIMES: 1pm Friday through 3pm Saturday

TO GIVE A TALK: Please send a title of the talk to Prof. Cliff Mass (

Registration will be $38 for regular attendees ($15 for students) and will include Saturday lunch, afternoon and morning refreshments, and a pre-print volume. We will also have a Friday evening banquet (for an additional charge of $45.00). The banquet speaker will be announced.

Pre-registration is required for all attendees.

For more information contact: Kirby Cook, NWS Forecast Office, 7600 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115 (206.526.6095 x224,, or Cliff Mass, Dept of Atmospheric Sciences, Box 351640, University of Washington, Seattle WA 98195 (206.685.0190,