Faculty: Research Associate & Postdoctoral Researcher

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Edward Blanchard Wrigglesworth, Research Associate
Ph.D., Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington
On the predictability of sea ice.
ATG 516, Phone: (206) 543-5219
Email: ed@atmos.washington.edu

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Elizabeth Garcia, Research Associate
Ph.D., Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara
Ecohydrologic Modeling in Three Western U.S. Mountain Watersheds: Implications of Climate, Soil, and Carbon Cycling Interactions for Streamflow.
516 ATG, Phone: (206) 543-5219
Email: esgarcia@atmos.washington.edu

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Christopher R. Jones, Research Associate
Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, University of Washington
Single-column and mixed-layer model analysis of subtropical stratocumulus response mechanisms relevant to climate change.
726 ATG, Phone: (no office phone)
Email: cjones@u.washington.edu or cjones@atmos.uw.edu

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Ben Hwan Kyu Lee, Research Associate
Ph.D., Engineering Sciences, Harvard University
Development and field-deployment of a dual-laser absorption spectrometer to measure atmospheric HONO and NO2 at a New England forest.
ATG 511, Phone: (206) 543-7684
Email: benhlee@atmos.washington.edu
Web Page: http://www.atmos.washington.edu/~benhlee/

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Yumin Moon, see Visitors

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Andrew Rhines, Research Associate
Ph.D., Applied Math, Harvard University
Past and Future Climate Variability: Extremes, Scaling, and Dynamics.
ATG 318, Phone (206-543-4596)
Email: arhines@atmos.uw.edu

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Siegfried Schobesberger, Research Associate
Ph.D., Physics, University of Helsinki
Experimental studies on nucleation and atmospheric aerosol particle formation down to the molecular level.
ATG 511, Phone: (206) 543-7684
Email: sschobes@uw.edu or sschobes@atmos.uw.edu

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Michelle Tigchelaar, Research Associate
Ph.D., Physical Oceanography, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Nonlinear rectification of Quaternary climate drivers at high and low latitutes.
ATG 318, Phone (206) 543-4596
Email: tigchelaar@atmos.uw.edu

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Rachel White, Research Associate
Email: rhwhite@uw.edu

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Yongfei Zhang, Research Associate
Ph.D., Climate Dynamics, University of Texas
Multivariate land snow data assimilation in the Northern Hemisphere: Development, evaluation and uncertainty quantification of the extensible data assimilation system.
ATG 523, Phone: (206) 543-7180
Email: yz4362@atmos.uw.edu

Yue Zhao, Research Associate
Ph.D., Environmental Chemistry, Peking University
Heterogeneous reaction of gaseous hydrogen peroxide and its role in the oxidation of oxygenated organic compounds on mineral dust particles.
ATG 511, Phone: (206) 543-7684
Email: yuezhao@uw.edu

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