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Workshop on reducing the uncertainty in measurements of atmospheric mercury-October 2008, University of Washington


Summary: Mercury (Hg) is an important environmental pollutant and toxic at extremely low concentrations. The Jaffe research group is one of the leaders in measuring atmospheric Hg on the ground and on aircraft (see publications for examples of this work). However because of the challenges in making these measurements at extremely low concentrations we organized an international workshop to evaluate the limitations of current methods and guide future atmospheric Hg research. The workshop took place in October 2008 at the University of Washington. In attendance were 33 of the world's top mercury scientists from the US, Canada, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Italy. The participants discussed various measurement methods, the uncertainties in Hg measurements and key challenges in making these observations. The findings and recommendations from the workshop were synthesized into a workshop report, which is available as a PDF file.

This workshop was funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation

Uncertainty in Hg Measurements Click here for final workshop report

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