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 Train Research : Train Research Article Accepted for Publication
Posted on 2014/3/6 14:10:00

Atmospheric Pollution Research will be publishing the Apollo research team's article on the air quality implications of rail traffic in Washington State. The Apollo team (Dan Jaffe, Greg Hof, Sofya Malashanka, Justin Putz, and Jeffrey Thayer) measured particulate matter at two sites along rail lines, one in Seattle and one along the Columbia River Gorge. They found that living close to rail lines significantly increases one's exposure to particulate matter. This research was funded in part by over 270 individuals who contributed via microryza.com.

Read the full article.

The research team at the Seattle site (left to right: Jeffrey Thayer, Justin Putz, Greg Hof, and Sofya Malashnka)

 Group News : Nicole Wigder receives 1st place at Atmospheric Chemistry Conference!
Posted on 2014/3/3 12:40:00

Congratulations to Nicole Wigder on receiving 1st place in the oral presentation student awards at the American Meteorological Society's 16th Atmospheric Chemistry Conference in January 2014!

Here's the first slide of her award-winning presentation:

 Group News : NASA Giovanni Award
Posted on 2014/3/3 11:40:00

Congratulations to former graduate student Emily Fisher and her coauthors for having one of the images in their paper selected for the inaugural 2013 class of the Giovanni Image Hall of Fame!

Read the full text of their paper.

Giovanni is a Web-based application developed by the Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center that provides a simple way for scientists to visualize, analyze, and access Earth science remote-sensing data.

Learn more about Giovanni.

 Group News : Determining How Much Ozone Is Produced by Wildfires
Posted on 2014/2/25 11:40:00

Jaffe et al. developed a statistical model that allows them to predict how much ozone is produced by wildfires. They tested their model using data from fire smoke plumes measured in Reno and Salt Lake City. The wildfire smoke contributed 23% and 32% of the ozone measured in these urban areas, respectively. These results are important because ozone is regulated by the U.S. EPA and state agencies need to determine how much ozone is produced from urban emissions versus how much is produced from wildfires.

Read about their findings in a recently published article in Environmental Science & Technology.

Wildfire plume observed from the Jaffe Group's Mount
Bachelor Observatory near Bend, Oregon.
Photo credit: Jonathan Hee

 Group News : New Paper on Air Pollutants in Wildfire Smoke
Posted on 2014/2/24 11:50:00

In a recently published paper in Atmospheric Environment, Wigder, Jaffe, and Saketa report on their analysis of air pollutants in wildfire smoke plumes. They analyzed the amount of particulate matter (solid particles) and ozone in smoke plumes because these are regulated pollutants that can impact human health. During the first two days that smoke plumes are transported downwind from a fire, the amount of particulate matter increased significantly. More ozone was found in smoke plumes that were transported higher in the atmosphere than in lower-transported ones.

Find the full article here.

Locations of wildfires observed at Mount Bachelor
Observatory (MBO), 2004-2011

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