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 Mt. Bachelor Observatory : First global model of arsenic transport
Posted on 2016/6/23 11:50:00

The intercontinental transport of arsenic is the focus of a new paper published by Wai, Wu, Li, Jaffe and Perry in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. In this groundbreaking research, the authors developed the first global model of atmospheric arsenic in order to understand intercontinental transport of arsenic, an extremely toxic pollutant. They used the GEOS-Chem chemical transport model to simulate the concentrations of atmospheric arsenic and compared the model results with arsenic measurements from Mount Bachelor Observatory (MBO) and other sites. In order to reduce global arsenic pollution it is essential to understand its sources and transport. Wai et al. found that arsenic emissions from Asia are the dominant source of atmospheric arsenic in the Northern Hemisphere, contributing 38% of total arsenic deposition over North America. Arsenic measurements from the MBO figure prominently in the paper.

Click here to read the full paper.

The figure below shows arsenic concentrations measured at MBO for Spring 2011 compared with the results predicted from the model.

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