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Please direct questions and comments regarding this research to:

Dr. Dan Jaffe
Principal Investigator

University of Washington Bothell
18115 Campus Way NE
DISC 452E, Box 358538
Bothell, WA 98011-8246
Work: 425-352-5357
Fax: 425-352-5233
Email: djaffe@u.washington.edu

Team Members:

Dr. Jesse Ambrose
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Email: jambrose@uwb.edu

Pao Baylon
Graduate Student
Email: lbaylon@uw.edu

Dr. Honglian Gao
Research Associate
Email: hlgao@yahoo.com

Jonathan Hee
Research Technologist
Work: 425-352-3478
Lab: 425-352-3479
Email: jhee@uwb.edu

Dr. James Laing
Postdoctoral Research Associate
E-mail: laingjr@uw.edu

Dee Ann Lommers-Johnson
Program Coordinator
Work: 425-352-3533
Email: dlommers@uw.edu

Crystal McClure
Graduate Student
Email: cdm0711@uw.edu

Lei Zhang
Postdoctoral Research Associate
E-mail: lzhang12@uw.edu

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