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Dear Students,

WELCOME! This letter is meant to introduce potential graduate students to my research and to invite you to consider joining my research group. I am a faculty member at the University of Washington in both the School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (UW-Bothell) and Atmospheric Sciences (UW-Seattle). My research focuses on four main themes:

  • Global atmospheric chemistry and photochemistry;

  • Long range transport of pollutants from Asia to North America;

  • Global and regional sources of O3, Hg, NOx, CO, SO2, particulate matter and other pollutants; and

  • Environmental education.

My research group studies pollutants in the global atmosphere, especially O3, Hg and other metals, CO, NOx, SOx, particulate matter and radionuclides in a number of remote environments. Our research has been supported by the NSF, NOAA, EPA, NASA, EPRI, DOE, NPS and EPRI. We have a number of on-going projects and for this I need excellent students with a strong background in chemical instrumentation, computerized data systems and atmospheric sciences. The experimental work usually involves developing and testing instrumentation in the lab, then bringing the instrumentation out to the field to make measurements. We then conduct extensive data analysis to interpret the data from chemical, meteorological and ecological perspectives. I am currently a member of several international committees on global pollution and have been involved in a variety of national and international assessment panels on this issue.

I am also active in the development of environmental chemistry lab exercises that can be used in classes at all levels from elementary through college. Recently I have developed a series of experiments that look at the carbon monoxide and particulate content in cigarette smoke and car exhaust. We are also working on demonstrations to directly show the IR absorption of greenhouse gases. Various versions of these lab exercises are now being done in classrooms around the country. These are published in several science education journals. If you would like to see a list of the recent publications from my group you are welcome to have a look at our publication list given on my curriculum vitae.

As a student in my research group you are a full partner in the research. My students get to help in the decision making and experimental design for these projects, are either first or second author on publications, and frequently attend national and international scientific meetings to present their own results. I have been the advisor for many graduate students, all of whom are successfully employed in good positions.

Currently, I am advising students in both the Department of Chemistry and Atmospheric Sciences at UW, so depending on your primary focus, you could apply for acceptance into either of these programs. If environmental research is of interest to you, I look forward to hearing from you. Please email me at: djaffe@u.washington.edu with any questions you might have.


Dan Jaffe
Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Science


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